What Is Excommerce? A Pre-Launch Explanation From The Founder

Sep 22, 2017

The number one question that I’ve been getting asked by literally thousands of people; kids, teens, parents, followers, family, even my old teachers, the last few months is “What is Excommerce?”πŸ€”

Lets get one thing to straight, it is not a course… This is a full blown online e-commerce SAAS & marketing company with training.

Wait… What’s a SAAS?😳

To be technical.. ( Software as a service (SaaS) is a software distribution model in which a company hosts applications, tools, softwares, and systems and makes them available to customers over the Internet.)

This is why Excommerce is completely different and nothing like anything else in the market.
Hands down.

Point blank.

What we would like to say is essentially Excommerce is your “one stop shop for everything Ecommerce, Dropshipping, and Internet Marketing Related”.

Now… how do you know this is legitimate right?


Excommerce the company is ran by a CEO who has over 25 years in business experience, has founded 2 multi-million dollars commerce companies and he has decided to hire and partner with some of the top e-commerce and marketing experts he could find online.

Which happens to be ME… (if you didn’t know who is writing this, it’s Josh King Madrid)

as well as Thaddeus Strickland, Samir Chibane, Jeraun Richards, Jay Tee Rodriguez, and Juan Valdez.

Just so you know every single one of us has made and is currently making over 6 FIGURES in the internet marketing & e-commerce industry.

But… this is all the boring stuff. You don’t care about any of that. πŸ˜‘

You want to know WHY Excommerce will give you the ability to make a lot of MONEY. πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°

Am I right?

Of course I am, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this.

So I’ll get into it now… πŸ˜Ž

So starting off, I want to be BRUTALLY HONEST.

MOST dropshipping stores are unsuccessful and make very little, if any, money.

But why?

Not because it’s hard, it’s actually very simple. But because MOST of the people giving you information suck, MOST courses suck & are outdated, & MOST of the information on the internet is bluntly just WRONG, on top of that MOST “gurus” hold back all the REAL secrets that would help you scale to 5 & 6 figure months anyways.

So if you do know anyone who understands e-commerce and online marketing to the tee, in REAL LIFE who has the time and patience to teach you, it will be extremely difficult to understand the strategies that allow people to become successful & make more money than they could ever imagine.

The reality is you could go online and search dropshipping, but if you are anything like me or most people you will most likely be left confused with misleading information from sources that are really not credible; people who fake their results and income claims, have no sort of financial or time freedom lifestyle to prove their “self-proclaimed success”, or have any students with any REAL success stories & I’m not talking about making a couple bucks a few times; we already help people do that for free on our social media, I’m talking about real freaking results like 4,5, & 6 figure months online. πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°

& those types of results are exactly what we plan on doing for people with Excommerce.

How does that sound? Too good to be true? Well it get’s better…

If your lost or not getting the results you want right now, don’t worry. Even I thought that these industries were confusing at first. Once I understood the strategies that allow me to successfully launch any online business after doing 7 days of 18 hour research sessions week after week, filtering out the real from the BS to become an online beast. I realized how amazing it would be to create a hub where you can go and literally learn it all at once and in the correct order. Excommerce is a company where it does just about all of the work for you, it will provide all the systems, tools, resources, case studies, softwares, trainings, and even copy/paste templates needed to really get results and fast. We want people to be able to actually WIN.

(Currently Excommerce is specifically geared towards Shopify, although there will be other platform releases in the future like Amazon FBA, Ebay and more; but we decided to stick with Shopify for now because of it’s simplicity to scale and high profit margins.)

Now, I’m a big believer in finding someone who has results and doing what they do to get what they get, here is the only flaw with this though…


A lot of people are actually like this, so they go online and look for people who have crazy results and then they buy some sort of course to try to get whoever is selling it’s lifestyle. They tend to look for the easy way to make money instead of actually building themselves to quality individuals first. (The same reason why we teach credit and have a free mentorship program, it will help you long-term, not just short-term)


So what happens next? Well you guys go online and start looking for information, and you will obviously want to skip the information from source B and go straight to the person who already has what you want (Source A). BUT HERE IS THE MAJOR KEY. The only thing wrong with that is you guys only see one perspective. The problem with learning from one of these sellers “courses” is there teaching you one system that worked for them one time with one product during a time of one trend using only one strategy BUT the thing is NONE of that information may be #1 still relevant at all and #2 more importantly it may not be relevant to you. The key word in that sentance would be “one” because these  “gurus” think that one thing that worked for them will work for everyone else so now all of a sudden they are qualified to sell you their “one secret”.

The reality is you guys need to find what works for your situation. Which is why we launched Excommerce, there is multiple trainings showing different avenues of making money and we even give the opportunity for you to make money with the Excommerce company. We wanted to KILL that “one” problem and truly create something that can work in every situation.

At this point, you’re probably liking the idea of Excommerce but thinking…

“How much does this thing going to cost me up-front?πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€””

Well, it really does get better…

So we realized that a BIG problem that would cross somebody’s mind is that they don’t have money up-front to afford something as great as this. Most people can’t even afford these guru courses. How can you expect to make money if you can’t even afford their courses? 🀦‍♂️

So we decided the solution for Excommerce is that we are going to give you the opportunity to make money before you even have to make your first investment with Excommerce. Yup, we are offering a 10 day free trial to unlock our VIP advanced Shopify training and our goal is to MAKE YOU MONEY within 10 days before you have to pay $37 month.

The reason we are doing this? Simple.

We value your trust, results, and word of mouth more than any monetary value.

Our company Excommerce will never make money if we can’t help our community make money.

But…. WAIT!

There is freaking moreπŸ˜‚

I swear!

We are going to show you once you join Excommerce how to become a partner with us if you qualify and unlock over 5 NEW sources of income outside of drop shipping without selling anyone, going door to door, making phone calls, recruiting or any of that BS. We call this your Marketing Budget.
We want you to use this money to scale your e-commerce business marketing which will intern result in more sales, which means MORE PROFIT.

Being able to make money on the side will allow you to grow your ecommerce business exponentially.

Did I mention this is not a course, there is NOT one thing in this system (like most courses) that cost $2000, $1500, $1000 or whoever much people charge.

We want you to CASH OUT at the Bank, not BREAK the Bank.

This business model is truly unheard of and will without a doubt change tens of thousands of lives. We have over 5,000 people inside the pre-launch groups and the company has not even launched yet, which is the CRAZY part.

Now… I can go on ALL DAY about Excommerce, but if you really want all the exclusive inside juicy information on it. 

Watch this video below:



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