Came To Our Event With Less Than $1,000 - Today Is Having $1,000 Days

Apr 13, 2018

We saw this awesome post by Max Dhindsa‎ inside of our Excommerce Facebook group, so we decided we would re-share it here for all of you guys to read! Please let this inspire you to get to the next level even if it seems like it is not working at first.

"I just wanted to pay my respects forward to guys like Josh King Madrid Thaddeus Strickland and the entire Jet Set community! I dropped out literally 1 year ago from business school and dedicated my entire life to learning online marketing/e commerce from top mentors in the space since July. With less than $1000 in my pocket at the time, I took the chance and invested alot of it into a flight from Toronto to San Diego (by myself) to attend a mansion mastermind they were hosting with other entrepreneures. My plane landed 2hrs after the event already started, so I literally took an uber straight from the airport to the mansion (being this was my first time being around so many like minded individuals/luxury cars/nice views in cali- mind was literally blown). I remember, the first person I ran into as soon as I entered with my bag still in my hands was Josh. He showed me nothing but respect and warm welcoming to the mansion (I still got the Jet Set shirt you gave me btw haha). From then on, with seeing what was, and is possible from this new world, I went all in. And now here we are in this new semester 🙏


Still a way to go, but I want all of you to understand the blessing that is to be in a community like this. Take advantage of it, learn as much as you can from people with RESULTS, and most importantly, EXECUTE! When you see peoples results, make it push you to keep going, keep testing those ads, keep on keeping on, but please don’t give up because you lost $100-1000, it’s all part of the learning process. You will still acheive the same results as the people that show it, but thats when you’ve tested enough to know what does, and doesnt work- which btw that timing is different for everyone; hence, its your own journey.

Lastly, help others when you “get it”, because everyone is a student of this game! We are all part of the NEW SCHOOL SYSTEM! (Decentalized education)"

– Max

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