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APRIL 21st, 2018 - NY, NEW YORK










After over 10 combined years between the 4 of us and investing more than $5,000,000 into multiple online e-commerce businesses between advertising and branding, we know how to build successful e-commerce websites that are meant to do one thing only. GENERATE SALES.

What’s the crazy thing about the tools we have today is - getting started is way less expensive than ever before due to social media and video advertising compared to when we first started these tools weren’t as readily available and costed a ton more to do the same thing. Now we have learned how to create 10x the results with 10x less spend compared to when we first started because we mastered driving and converting traffic using Facebook and Instagram.

What used to require $30,000 and a team of full-time employees, now takes a laptop and a couple hundred bucks. Getting eyeballs on your website is no longer complicated - social media is free and paid traffic tests begin at just $5/day.

With over 8,000 people in our private Excommerce community and over 200k combined followers, we expect this to sell-out pretty quickly. The events will be hosted in NY, New York event space and the event space will not allow more than 65 people at this event and they need a guest list within the next few days of every attendee coming so the prices are priced to sell fast but also to assure it is not over-packed and include a super exclusive experience.




If you're a good fit to come to our event, we would like to meet and work with you at our New York event.

My team & I will work with you for about 7 hours, helping you make a shopify website from scratch as well as help you understand everything you need to know about advertising online and maximizing your profits. Or drastically improve the one you already have.

We never done this before. You won't just be taking notes; you’ll be on your own laptop, building out the systems in a small group-type workshop.

If you want a store that makes you money, this is for you. If you want to make your store convert better, this is also for you.

Topics being discussed in detail:

How To Set Up Shopify Store From Scratch - Most appealing and simple check out experience for your target customers 

Choosing Hot Products That Sell - Our secret hacks, tools, and strategies to catching every trend and finding the best products 

Instagram Marketing - Instagram shoutouts, sponsored ads, sponsored stories, branding, negotiating deals, creating content, tracking sales, and integrating with Facebook pixels

Facebook Marketing - Facebook pixels, ads, retargeting, viral marketing, increasing organic reach, filtering negative feedback, and creating passive cash flow in sales

How To Use The 2 Platforms Together Hand-in-Hand - Learn how to use Instagram & Google Analytics to help you make more sales on Facebook.

Taxes & Accounting - How To Handle Taxes and Accounting so you don't get screwed over by getting taxed on your revenue instead of profit like many newbies do. This will be taught by a certified tax guy. This alone will pay for itself 100x fold. Most CPA's cost thousands to consult with.

Branding - How To Curate A Beautiful Brand That Resembles Your Own Brand instead of Random Products That Are Outsourced

Copywriting - Writing high converting copy write that activates psychological impulses to get your customers to pull the trigger. 

Affiliate Marketing - How To Get Excommerce To Pay for Your Marketing When You Join The Refcommerce Program & How To Generate Massive Sales & By Building A Personal Brand

Email Marketing - How To Collect Emails & Follow Up With Them To Not Leave Any Money On The Table.
How To Also Use These Emails To Target Users To Become Reccuring Customers For Multiple Different Stores 


Join us on at our private New York event property. We begin around 11am. Bring your laptop and a notebook. By the end of our workshop, you’ll have your store up and running and all your questions answered.


P.S. This is NOT first come, first serve. You must apply. The quicker you apply, the better chance you’re getting a seat. Once it’s filled up, the opportunity is gone.


P.P.S. Your purchase today is 100% risk-free and if you get accepted and end up not making the event you will receive a live-replay and can use your ticket for another Excommerce event. There is a strict no refund policy due to the nature of this event.

When you purchase a ticket to this event you will get UNLIMTED FREE ACCESS to our 150+ video 200hr+ training system with full access to:

Instagram Ads & Influencers Training- Step-By-Step eCommerce Blueprint To Building a Successful Store with Dropshipping. Learn hot to utilizing ads, influencers & softwares on the most attention grabbing platform, Instagram.

Shopify Training Facebook Ads - Step-By-Step eCommerce Blueprint To Making 6 Figures Or More Selling With Shopify Dropshipping by utilizing ads on the most powerful platform, Facebook.

10,000+ Member Private Community



ExCom Shopify Essential Apps Training - Detailed breakdown of all the apps you need and what they do to convert sales.

Tax & Accountant Training Advice - Learn How To Handle Taxes from our certified CFP & Learn How to Build A Successful Store Regardless of Age or Location

The Marketing Psychologist Training -Over 50 Videos On Advanced Marketing & Psychology Tactics To Increase Conversions as an eCommerce seller or Affiliate Marketer

The Consumer POV Training - Watch us breakdown stores and critique them on what they are doing right or wrong.

RefCommerce  Bonus - On Top Of The Money You Are Making With Your Dropshipping Store, We Are Now Going To Pay You an Un-Capped "Marketing Budget" For Working & Learning With A Team.

Shopify Store Case Studies - Watch us build stores from scratch and scale them to profitable businesses

Opportunity to utilize our tools & softwares.


Weekly Online Seminars 

10% Off Any Future Excommerce In-Person Event 

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